Ageing population

-Singapore’s Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in 2011 is 1.5

-Japan’s TFR in 2010 is 1.96

– LKY said that the only way to cope with aging population is attracting more immigrations, starting with 20,000 or 25,000 migrants annually.

-By 2050, Singapore will be the 4th country with the one of the oldest population.

-1 in 5 Singaporeans will be aged 65 years or above by 2030

-There is the Married Child Priority (MCP) Scheme to encourages married children and parents to reside within the same estate or neighbouring estate to foster care of aged parents, and also the Third-Child Priority (TCP) Scheme to encourages families to have more than 2 children.

-The Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) introduced in 2009 is an additional monetisation option launched on 1 March 2009 to help low-income elderly households in 3-room and smaller flats to unlock part of their housing equity while continue living in their homes, and receive a lifelong income stream to supplement their retirement income. Unfortunately, this scheme receives little take-up.

-Grandparent Caregiver Relief etc.

-Lift Upgrading Programme: lifts stop at every level

-Project LIFE (Lift Improvement & Facilities Enhancement for Elderly): selectively upgraded some of the one-room rental blocks (those with a high number of elderly households) with elder-friendly facilities like upgrading of existing lifts so that the lifts can stop at every floor, re-tiling of the toilets with non-slip tiles, installation of support handbars in the toilets etc. Flats have also been fitted with an alert alarm system allowing the elderly to call for help. Working closely with MCYS/NCSS, HDB makes available space near or below the block for the setup of a Seniors Activity Centre (SAC). The SAC is run by a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) who is appointed by MCYS/NCSS to provide care and support services for the elderly living in the block.

– Studio Apartment (SA) customised with elderly friendly fixtures & fittings. Children can buy larger flat types in same block to live near parent, suitable for elderly who don’t want to live with children but still wants to live near them.

-Japan is ageing inexorably. Its population peaked last year just short of 130 million. It has just passed Italy to become the country with the highest proportion of over-65s anywhere and the lowest ratio of children under 15.

-Japanese companies gives Baby Bonus, Maternity Leave allowance, Childcare Leave allowance

-The Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) is an affordable term insurance scheme aimed at providing young dependants with a sum of money to tide over the initial difficult period in the event of an insured member’s permanent incapacity or death.


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