– President Obama has hoped to adopt Singapore’s education method and our way of teaching maths.

-Korea and Finland’s students have the best performance in a test conducted by Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2009.

-International students make up 18 per cent of the total undergraduate intake in Singapore’s universities for the academic year 2011. On school fees, a small proportion of foreign students pays the full amount and do not enjoy any subsidies. The rest are on the Tuition Grant scheme, which helps to defray their fees. International students who receive the tuition grant pay fees that are about 70 per cent higher than those paid by Singaporeans. In addition, they are required to work in Singapore for three years. Some of them are also on various scholarships, which cover their tuition fees but require them to serve a longer bond period of six years.

-Words on Wheels, a mobile library project launched by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) will provide some 4,000 village children in Hanoi with a window to the world through regular access to books, educational toys, games, the Internet and multimedia facilities.  The majority of the 27% of Vietnamese who use the Internet are located almost exclusively in the big cities. Words on Wheels, we hope, will help bridge the digital divide…

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