-According to a report in 2010 by the Kaiser Family foundation, US children aged 8 to 18 are now spending more than 53 hours a week using entertainment media. Ten years ago, that figure was 43 hours/week. Children spend an average of 38 minutes a day reading a print publication, compared to 43 minutes a day 10 years ago. The only media they are not soaking up are newspapers, magazines and other print publications.

– A survey found that nearly 14 percent of teens in China are vulnerable to becoming addicted to the Internet

-Between 10 to 13% of Chinese university students are trapped in various states of Internet addiction, and the worry now is that these students would stay addicted into their marriages, bringing the problems with them.

-The Chinese government passed regulations banning youths from Internet cafes and has implemented control programs that kick teens off networked games after five hours.

-The Chinese government is helping to fund eight in-patient rehabilitation clinics across the country. Most children in a clinic in Beijing have been forced to come by their parents, who are paying upward of $1,300 a month — about 10 times the average salary in China — for the treatment.

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