The Disabled

-Centres of Training and Integration (CTI) set up by private companies help to train and find employment for the disabled. This is supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

-A child who is unable to attend any national primary school due to any physical or intellectual disability is exempt from compulsory schooling. The exemption is a double-edged sword. It accommodates the special-needs child by relieving parents from the statutory duty to school their children, but at the same time, provides an excuse for children with physical disabilities not to be schooled.

-A recent recruitment effort targeted at people with disabilities in Singapore showed that there were jobs available but these could not be matched to disabled people.

– Inaccessible public transport makes working uneconomical for people with disabilities (let alone for other social activities). Transport fares by taxi can wipe out more than 70 per cent of one’s income: There is little incentive to work.

-Singapore’s IT master plan does not document any specific strategy towards web accessibility.

-There is the Enabling Masterplan 2012-2016 for those with disabilities. An earlier plan has engaged more than 150 companies to provide work opportunities for 480 people with disabilities.

-The MCYS build 14 new Seniors Activity Centres within the next three years to build strong social relationships.

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